Two iraqi children us soldier killed in baghdad attack

Two iraqi children us soldier killed in baghdad att양산출장샵ack

Kurdish fighters storm Kirkuk. Source: WAM, — RT (@RT_com) March 25, 2015

Iraqi forces today seized control of two neighbourhoods in Kirkuk province following the capture of the first of the two major towns under their control, the Kurdish police officer told Rudaw.

“A team of 50 soldiers, backed by heavy weaponry, surrounded the town of Girdiz, while 60 additional청주안마 청주출장마사지 troops moved into the village of al-Kilaymiya,” Lieutenant-General Qasim al-Zirawi said in a statement.

“In the town, five armoured vehicles filled with explosives surrounded the headquarters of the militia, with one tank driving through, destroying the place. A second armoured vehicle came in, detonated the explosives and freed the wounded from several houses.”

Kurdish forces were battling to seize the town of Girdiz, located near the border with Iraq. Source: Twitter/@kirkukgov

Kurdistan People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters took control of one district in Girdiz and the second in al-Kilaymiya, where Iraqi forces stormed the village, the officer added.

The YPG took a part of the town in Girdiz, while Iraqi forces took al-Kilaymiya.

Houses burnt in the town of Girdiz, Iraq. Source: Reuters

Houses and vehicles were destroyed in the town of al-Kilaymiya in the town of Girdiz. Source: @nawraszirani / Twitter

The forces were backed by heavy weaponry and heavy armored vehicles including T-72 tanks and the US tank “BTR-6바카라 스토리0″

Iraqi forces pushed into Kirkuk following the capture of two other towns under the group’s control: the village of Qarnath and the town of al-Nouri.

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